They Come By Land, Sea and Air        Week of 5/28/2018

Photo of the words occupied Syria, Turkey, Iran-Hezbollah, Russia, Lebanon-Hezbollah, Gaza-Hamas and the West Bank shooting arrows at Israel.

It appears Israel is very busy these days, even more than usual, assessing the security of her borders.

Israel's north-east front (occupied Syria): There is the increased threat from Iran due to the US pull-out (by the urging of Israel) of JCPOA, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action we discussed 5/7/2018. In case you have not heard, the Americans pulled out of what they considered a bad deal that was not in the best interest of the American people. America (and her close allies in the Middle East) believe Iran should stop the enrichment of uranium, stop the development of long-range missiles and discontinue its efforts in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan (all of which threaten to destabilize the region) before renegotiating the deal. Renegotiate the deal? None of the other participants of the deal (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany and the European Union) want this. They want the sanctions to stop against Iran-not more sanctions. Trading with Iran will be good for Iran-it will be profitable for them. No, the other signers of the deal are not in agreement with the U.S. They have rallied together and hope to have an accommodating deal by the end of May that will provide Iran with practical solutions regarding their revenue concerns in return for Iran's continued compliance to the nuclear deal.

Update: Officials in Iran have said they are able to create highly enriched uranium in two to three days (good enough to make a bomb), this however, may not be enough to threaten all parties back to the table. In fact, with Iran so close to Syria's southern border, Israel has attacked Iranian targets in Syria inflicting serious damage on Syria's air defenses where the Iranians are located-this, along with other issues, maybe fueling tensions between Iran, Russian and Syria.

Russia has achieved much during the Syrian civil war. She has been instrumental in killing terrorist leaders by her ace fighter pilots. They have fought alongside Kurdish fighters in east Syria reestablishing control over the border between the two countries. Besides this, they have provided modern weaponry and training to the SAA, providing battle tanks, multiple rocket launchers, and a chance for the Syrians to recycle some of their antiquated armament, all while showcasing their cutting-edge weapons. (Hopefully, next week we will look into those weapons.) It is considered that Russia does not want all this hard work to go to waste and is taking a stance against Iran in Syria. An unconfirmed report from Elaph, a Saudi-owned website, reveals a secret meeting this past weekend in Jordan between Israel and Iran over the fighting in southwestern Syria. It appears (remember, this is unconfirmed) the "Iranians have agreed not to participate in expected battles in southwestern Syria between President Bashar Assad's forces and rebel groups, and Israel has made it clear that it will not intervene in the battles in the tri-border area, as long as Hezbollah and the Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias are not involved." However, in an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday night the Jerusalem Post reports that he said "somewhat presciently…in reference to Israel's campaign against Iran in Syria, "we are still in it." Russia may be behind the said negotiations and for compromise sake pushing to have Iran remain in Syria, just not along the southern border. Iran has contributed much in the way of finances to Syria. The Israeli PM rejects an Iranian military presence in any part of Syria, and that will be his focus on upcoming talks with the leader of Germany, France and the UK later this week.

Israel's north-west front (Lebanon): Since 2006 there has been quiet between Israel and its next door neighbor, Lebanon. However, according to IDF assessments, Hezbollah (an Iranian backed terrorist organization) has moved from Syria into Lebanon rebuilding arsenals with 100,000 short-range rockets and several thousand more missiles that can reach central Israel. In addition, Hezbollah is able to mobilize close to 30,000 fighters and has flouted its tunnel system, complete with ventilation, electricity, and rocket launchers. Some 200 villages in south Lebanon have been turned into Hezbollah military strongholds from which Israeli soldiers will be in clear view. With Hezbollah mingling among the Lebanese citizens and the military strongholds in their homes they may think their community is safe, not realizing they are sitting on a barrel of gunpowder which, in the case of war, will be an easy target for the IDF (if need be).

There is also concern within the Israeli Naval ranks that due to the absence of the US Navy in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (which was surrendered by President Obama) the Iranians will gain a port in either Syria or Lebanon. Presently, Russia is the overseer of these waters and Israel may depend a little too much on the bear for maritime protection.

Israel's western front: Violence toward Israel continues on the border between Israel and Gaza. Under the guise of, the March of Return, Hamas has orchestrated weekly protests endangering the lives of its citizens (among them the second line of defense for Gaza, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad). There have been dozens of explosives thrown at IDF forces, kite terrorism resulting in torched Israeli fields and the placement of explosive devices (some looking like bolt cutters and other items the soldiers would collect near the border fence) in attempts to injure IDF troops. And if that is not difficult enough, the UN Human Rights Council has condemned the actions of the IDF during the Gaza border crisis. A high commanding official has remarked, "What can we expect from a council whose debate over the Gaza border issue was held under the title "Violations of International law in the context of civilian protests in the Palestinian occupied territories?" As Israel does keep a close watch over the IDF, they have their own investigations going on. Any wrong doing will be addressed. The High Court of Justice's decision last week declared the IDF's open fire rules on the Gaza border as legal. The High Court's justices were aware that mixed in with the protesters were Hamas and other terrorist agents. One of the Justices used a reference to biblical trickery-the same used by Jacob to fool Isaac, saying: "The voice was a voice of protest, but the hands were the hands of terror."

If land combat was not enough, Hamas has underwater commando units. This is just another threat Israel has to face. According to the Jerusalem Post, "During Operation Protective Edge in 2014, five Hamas frogmen (naval commandos armed with automatic weapons, fragmentation grenades and explosives) tried to infiltrate Kibbutz Zikim before they were confronted and killed by the IDF. In the last three years since the conflict Hamas has significantly expanded its naval commando unit with a reported 1,500 frogmen who have underwater scooters which can bring them further out to sea."

Israel's navy is not as large as some of her other armed forces and with ninety percent of their imports arriving by the sea plus the natural gas drilling rigs which supply around sixty percent of Israel's electricity-the navy has its hands full to protecting it. Hamas (and Hezbollah) have rocket power that can travel far, so Israel is in the process of upgrading the weaponry on their entire fleet. Another way Israel is trying to be combat ready is with the construction of a sea barrier on Gaza border. As Israel has already started construction on the land border to prevent Hamas from digging into Israel, they plan to build a fortified marine wall which should be finished by the end of the year. According to the, the barrier "will have three levels: one under the water, then a level of armor stone, known for its durability, and barbed wire along the top. The entire barrier will itself be protected with another wire security fence."

In conclusion, we currently have Russia in Syria with an air base and a sea port. Iran (along with Hezbollah) are also in Syria building missiles and offering counseling strategies, Hezbollah (backed by Iran) in Lebanon building war weapons to destroy Israel, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank which continually tries to harm Israelis, Hamas and other terrorist organization in Gaza continuing their mayhem and let us not forget Turkey. They also are in Syria and their aggression toward Israel is great. This looks like an interesting mix, but all the events are not in place for a Russian invasion-not just yet. Read the homepage of if you would like more information on the times we are living and what to expect next.

Are you ready to meet Jesus? Are your garments white? It is written, Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me. He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.'" -Rev 3:20-22 (NAS).

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Take Heed That No Man Deceive You        Week of 5/22/2018

Photo of garden with a snake coiled to strike.

The New Testament warns the reader in several places, take heed that no man deceive you‐ref Mt 24:4, Mk 13:5, Eph 5:6, etc.

In a report from, “Pope Francis reportedly told a gay man from Chile (who was visiting the Vatican) that God made him that way and loves him the way he is”. According to other news sources, back in 2013 the Pope commented, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” Some believe a new era of acceptance and welcome for gays has dawned in the ancient halls of the Holy Roman Church. The Vatican has been silent on the report, but, one source has said, it is a big difference what the Pope says in private and what he says publicly. It is usually upheld that the Pope continues to uphold traditional Catholic teaching which is an opposition to homosexuality.

In 2015 according to a pew survey in America, Roman Catholics remained firmly against allowing same‐sex marriage. Even though there has been continued debate over the years, many main stream American denominations have taken a stance of, the church can decide for itself. The study showed that sixty‐two percent of the mainline white Protestants are in favor of allowing same sex marriage; and, sixty‐three percent do not believe there is a conflict between their religious beliefs and homosexuality. This is a major shift diverting from hundreds of years of church doctrine.

The following is a list of countries that allow same sex marriage and the year they adopted laws concerning the matter:
Argentina (2010), Australia (2017), Belgium (2003), Brazil (2013), Canada (2005), Colombia (2016), Denmark (2012), England / Wales (2013), Finland (2015), France (2013), Germany (2017), Greenland (2015), Iceland (2010), Ireland (2015), Luxembourg (2014), Malta (2017), The Netherlands (2000), New Zealand (2013), Norway (2008), Portugal (2010), Scotland (2014), South Africa (2006), Spain (2005), Sweden (2009), United States (2015) and Uruguay (2013).

Bible Prophecy shows more and more countries of the world will accept homosexually. It is written, This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come—men shall be…without natural affection‐ref 2 Tim 3:1,3. Without love, as some translate it—without natural love. A love created by God between Adam and Eve from the beginning‐ref Gen 2:20‐24.

While there are those who do hold traditional values and a strong belief in the Word of God, there is a growing number (especially among the youth) that choose to forge their own way rather than seek God. A 2014 study by the Barna Group discovered, sixty‐two percent of non Christian Millennials have never read the Bible. The words they use to describe the Bible are: a story, mythology, symbolic, fairy tale and historical. When they see a person reading the Bible they think they are politically conservative, they don′t think they have anything in common with the person and they believe the person is old‐fashioned. Only thirty percent believe that Biblical teaching is relevant, twenty‐seven percent believe the Bible is a dangerous book full of dogma used for centuries to oppress people and nineteen percent think it is an out dated book and not useful for today′s culture.

In 2012 the put out a report, The Millennial Generation Research Review. Here we find the Millennial Generation (ages 13-31) socially‐minded. There is even evidence they are changing their brain paths reducing their performance by increasing the speed of information the brain processes. Eighty percent sleeping with their cell phones nearby, seventy‐five percent have social networking profiles, at least twenty percent posting videos of themselves online (this number seems a little low), and thirty‐eight percent have one to six tattoos—twenty‐three percent piercing in some place other than an earlobe. While they want to do things their own way, thirty‐six percent say they depend on financial support from their families.

A Millennial researcher, Jean Twenge and her colleagues, have found the youth are less concerned for others and civic engagement. They are described as overly self‐confident and self‐absorbed—the Bible would describe them as lovers of their own selves‐ref 2 Tim 3:2. Most of them have mastered the cult of niceness, meaning no stand can be taken on anything because personal feelings are held to be more important than argument and truth. Remember what church age we are in—the Laodicean church age. Laodicea means “human rights” or “the rights of the people.” Thus, this is a church governed by the will of the people, rather than the will of God. (Click here for more detail.)

John Kerry, Secretary of State under US President Obama, gave a speech this past week in the United Arab Emirates. He warned that, true civil discourse is under threat around the world. What is civil discourse? According to, “Civil discourse…suggests that it requires respect of the other participants, such as the reader. It neither diminishes the other′s moral worth, nor questions their good judgment; it avoids hostility, direct antagonism, or excessive persuasion; it requires modesty and an appreciation for the other participant′s experiences.” In other words, your opinion is of worth, but, if that opinion offends anyone else, you (for the sake of political correctness) should not bring up the subject. Like the big pink elephant in the room, nobody says anything about it even though it's so big nobody can get around it.

Without a plain understanding of truth, civil discourse will never be eradicated. Without Biblical knowledge those learning in the classrooms of today will continue to use civil discourse as they become the leaders of tomorrow. And, in the not so distant future, civil discourse will try to stop the mouth of every Christian from spreading the Word of God. Take heed that no man deceive you.

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Do You Believe The Lie?              Week of 5/14/2018

How is it that one tiny little nation (check out this interactive map for how small she really is) can be the focus of every news outlet in the world so much of the time? The subject is of course, Israel, constantly being condemned by the Nations of this world for merely trying to exist.

For example, let′s explore the so called “Jewish Occupation”. To occupy something is to take possession and control of (a place), as by military invasion. It is true that in 1967 the state of Israel acquired more territory, but, it was not something that she had devised to do. She, in fact, was about to be attacked by the Arab Nations surrounding her. According to, “The outnumbered Israel Defense Forces achieved a swift and decisive victory in the brief war, rolling over the Arab coalition that threatened the Jewish state and more than doubling the amount of territory under Israel′s control”. contributes, “Moreover, while the Arabs were falsely accusing the United States of airlifting supplies to Israel, (US President) Johnson imposed an arms embargo on the region (France, Israel′s other main arms supplier, also embargoed arms after Israel ignored De Gaulle′s plea not go to war). By contrast, the Soviets were supplying massive amounts of arms to the Arabs. Simultaneously, the armies of Kuwait, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq were contributing troops and arms to the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian fronts.” documents that, “The greatest fruit of victory lay in seizing the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan; thousands of Jews wept while bent in prayer at the Second Temple′s Western Wall.”

On 8 May 2017, we reported on the vote by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) that called Israel, the “occupying power”, in East Jerusalem—which the Palestinians want as the capital of their future state. With East Jerusalem being the site of the first and second Jewish temples (erected before any Moslem mosque), it is hard to understand how they are occupiers—God just had returned the land back to its rightful owner. The land was given to the Jews by God (click here for more detail).

The Six‐Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors ended with a United Nations brokered cease‐fire. Due to the territories Israel received during that war, most had Arab inhabitants. Some Arabs choose to leave, but many stayed in Israel and are not suffering under the bondage, but are in fact enjoying a better life than their Arab cousins—unless they are terrorists.

This brings us to the Gaza Strip crisis. Again, a situation the Israeli′s did not desire. After five years of continued hostilities between the PLO and Israel, Yasser Arafat (PLO) and Yitzhak Rabin (Israeli Prime Minister) surprised the world with an agreement calling for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank town of Jericho and the establishment of a Palestinian government. Gaza could have had a peaceful existence with Israel. Most Israelis were in favor of the “land for peace” agreement. The Nations wanted to see the Palestinians prosper (including Israel), but, soon after Israelis left Gaza (leaving them a clean well organized city), Hamas moved in turning Gaza into ruins and adding jihad training camps. The people of Gaza (in dire straights) dare not complain about their leaders. If they pointed a finger at Hamas, it would no doubt be cut off—or worse. And with the stirrings of clerics at the mosques, tempers instead flare toward the hated Jew. So much so, that now “kite terrorism” has become the new weapon of choice. Palestinians in Gaza setting fire to kites, some having attached Molotov cocktails (a glass bottle semi‐filled with flammable liquid) for the purpose of setting anything Israeli on fire—that could include crops and woodlands for now. However, there is great concern the kites may reach homes and schools causing property damage and loss of life. Kite terrorism has been a particularly effective means of disruption and financial difficulty for Israelis who live on the border.

But more grievous are those who exploit Gaza-those who announce to the world the misery and oppression the Palestinians of Gaza experience every day by the hands of the terrible Israelis—and the pictures of children and women. As it is true the Palestinians of Gaza do have a hard life, is that really due to the Jews? They cry, Israel is the cause—Israel has hindered the flow of food (and weapons) from coming in, they have reduced the hours electricity comes on in the city (due to Palestinian Authority′s request in their continued power struggle with Hamas). But oh, the killing—the killing of innocent Palestinians; or are they? Israel bombs Gaza. Actually, it bombs Hamas, the terrorist organization′s training and storage sites for weapons. It bombs Hamas leadership. It shoots those who try to kill her soldiers and bomb her borders. What nation would stand by and allow a bordering nation to kill and terrorize its citizens? Wouldn′t they fight back—defend its people and its land? Anywhere in the world sovereignty is allowed, but the Nations of this world do not like Israel defending itself. Turkey has recalled its ambassadors from Israel, calling the situation in Gaza ‘genocide’. South Africa has also recalled its ambassadors due to the aggression on Gaza border. From information obtained from Hamas members arrested during infiltration attempts, Iran is transferring funds to Hamas in order to keep the violent protests going.

Speaking of Iran, here is another border crisis the Nations of this world are not happy about. Up to the North of Israel lies Syria. We have discussed the situation in Syria many times, now for an update. Last week the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards launched between twenty to thirty rockets into northern Israel. Iran was also apparently transferring anti‐aircraft defenses into Syria (because Israel had destroyed most of them in February), determining to attack Israel in the near future. Israel retaliated with an overnight bombing of dozens of Iranian bases and military installations across Syria. Israel did indeed hit their objectives and (to date) are not so concerned with an immediate threat from their northern enemy, Iran in Syria.

News headlines from Turkish news outlets said that Israelis were fleeing for their lives out of the Golan. That they were trembling in their bomb shelters. They even had pictures. However, these pictures turned out to be photo shopped and life in the Golan had not been interrupted. One note about the Iranian bombing in Syrian; as Syria is red hot and promises reprisals due to the bombings, Syria′s most important ally, Russia, is unusually quiet. Remember, last week PM Netanyahu visited Russia to show them the evidence they had obtained that Iran was planning to go nuclear? Apparently this information, along with an understanding that Israel is not interested in Syria′s civil war, and her solely purpose is to prevent arms transfers from reaching Hezbollah, seems to have quieted the Kremlin (for now anyway). It is also an excellent opportunity for Russia to sit back and see what kind of weaponry Israel really has.

Lastly, we need to discuss Jerusalem. We know that God says, Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about‐ref Zech 12:2. This week President Donald Trump has made good on his campaign promise and has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. The Nations are very upset—especially the Arab nations.

A little history; when the UN voted the state of Israel into existence (on May 14, 1948), they had originally parceled Jerusalem to be an International City. The surrounding Arab nations attacked and a year latter an armistice border was made drawing a green line through Jerusalem. Israel controlled the western half, and Jordan controlled the site of the old city—the eastern half. During the war of 1967, as we learned above, once again the surrounding Arab countries were ready to attack tiny Israel. However, God in His great mercy saved them and they acquired all the city of Jerusalem, where David of the Old Testament had made Israel′s capital.

Today Jerusalem is the largest Israeli city boasting eight hundred and one thousand people—sixty‐one percent are Jewish. There have been a number of countries that have established an embassy in Jerusalem, but, the US has never been one of them. In 1980, after Israel passed a law making Jerusalem its capital, the UN Security Council responded with a resolution condemning Israel′s annexation of East Jerusalem and declared it a violation of International law.

Nearly all of the final 365 prophecies (or the signs of the times) in the Bible that were to occur before the Rapture are now in place. Very shortly the Rapture is expected. It will be followed by the Tribulation. Most of the world′s population is completely oblivious to what is taking place. Keeping a watchful eye is important—it is a commandment. Just make sure you are ready to meet Christ. You will have no excuse. (Click here for more).

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What Will Come Of It?              Week of 5/7/2018

Photo of the division between the USA and other JCPOA signer and Iran.

As Tuesday May 8th fast approaches, the deadline for the American President, Donald Trump, to review his options regarding the nuclear deal with Iran ends. Some may wonder, what is the big deal?

Back around the 1950′s America developed a program that would share nuclear materials and technology (for peaceful purposes) with other countries. These countries would agree to inspections and their technologies, which would be shared between the countries, would never be used for military purposes. Iran was one of the countries that participated in this program. However, with India′s first nuclear test (in 1974) the program came to a fast halt. This apparently did not stop Iran's interest into nuclear technology. Over the course of several years they developed their very own ability harnessing the nuclear science.

During the Iranian Revolution in 1979, most of its trained nuclear scientist left the country leaving their nuclear program almost abolished. However, many years later with the help of other nations (Russia, China and Pakistan to name a few) Iran secretly developed several sources for manufacturing an extensive nuclear fuel cycle (click here for a definition), including sophisticated enrichment capabilities to make weapons. This alarmed the International community and mediation attempts were made. In the early years of the new millennia countries like Britain, France and Germany negotiated with Iran for stricter International inspections. Iran even agreed voluntarily to suspend enrichment for a time (unspecified). However, by 2005, all deals were off and Iran again did not feel the International community had any right to interfere with her nuclear rights. The then President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the statement, "Iran's nuclear program was "like a train without brakes," not susceptible to deflection by outside pressure".

With grave concerns for International peace, the UN imposed a series of resolutions devised to punish the rebellious Iran (as there are International laws governing nuclear technologies). To further get Iran's attention, the United States and the EU imposed even tougher unilateral sanctions making everyday life in Iran challenging. This created unrest within the Iranian borders and by 2012 the citizens were demanding a regime change.

Fast forward to 2015 under the US Presidential reign of Obama the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was orchestrated (an agreement reached by Iran and several International nations). This deal was supposed to curtail Iran's ability to produce plutonium and uranium: two components used in making nuclear weapons. If Iran complied, the economic sanctions against her would be lifted. The deal also included a "sunset clause" which would allow the restrictions against Iran's nuclear program to be eased over time. Certification that Iran is complying with the deal must be sent to the US Congress every 90 days. This was the development of two years of negotiations.

According to the UN, there has been no evidence that Iran has defrauded on the agreement and they have reduced the number of centrifuges they have, plus, have shipped tons of their low-enriched uranium to Russia. Iran needed to reduce their uranium stockpile by 98% (they had enough to create eight to 10 bombs) and keep their level of enrichment at 3.67%.

There are opponents to the JCPOA. Several Middle East nations express concerns:

  • The deal will only delay and not prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.
  • The deal does not impede Iran's destabilizing regional behavior and will even worsen the problem.
  • The deal is part of a regional realignment unfavorable to America's traditional partners.
  • Among the opponents of the deal is Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyah. He is not accusing Iran of violating the agreement, but, does believe JCPOA is incomplete and allows Iran to proceed with low-level enrichment of uranium and to continue the development of long-range missiles (certainly long enough to reach Israel from Syria). Israel also has documentation regarding Iran's true intentions and abilities which it is hoping to share with more European leaders. He meets with President Vladimir Putin, of Russia later this week.

    What happens if the US leaves the deal set up by the Obama Administration? No one really knows. Iran has made renewed threats since talks with former US Secretary of State, John Kerry (who originally brokered the deal). One could ask, why would a former US Secretary of State be acting on his own to visit heads of state to keep this deal going? What accurately lies in the balance? Perhaps only a few elite really know the answer. What we do know is the world is all for keeping the deal even though they agree it is a bad deal. President Trump wants to renegotiate the deal, but, it appears former US Secretary of State, John Kerry has advised Iran not to accept a new deal.

    In recent post we have discussed Iran positioning themselves in Syria to attack Israel. We have heard the hatred Iran has against Israel—wanting to kill every Jew. We also know there is a mysterious reason the Obama Administration approved (along with other US government agencies) the Russian nuclear energy agency to acquire "not less than 51%" of the company, Uranium One where 10 of the 11 licensed U.S. uranium producers retrieve uranium. As mentioned above, we also know Iran shipped tons of their low-enriched uranium to Russia. We know Iran will be allied with Russia when they invade Israel. Are we saying this could be soon? Maybe, but, some believe we have a few more years to go. Perhaps we are seeing the jostling of nations creating rumors of wars. But, with the increased investigations going on in the US and around the political world, one can see that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places-ref Eph 6:12.

    Many "so-called" Christians don't have a clue to what is happening. Millions listen to psychology, storytelling, and feel good teaching, but turn a deaf ear to God's WORD, repenting, and obeying the Bible. The end for most is the Lake of Fire, not Heaven. Events called the Rapture (or translation, or caught up), then the Tribulation, Armageddon, and the return of Jesus should be soon. The Bible warns "YOU" to be ready-Mt 24:44, but indicates that only the "FEW" that obey God's Word shall be taken. Will that include You?

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