How Safe Is America?     11/15/23

As Americans sleep tonight, bad actors are routinely seeking to destroy the once, “City on a Hill”.

According to many news agencies, due to the growing tensions between the two countries, Americans are actually concerned about a Chinese takeover. In an op-ed from the Washington Times, the author points out five ways Chinese actions could leave the U.S. like a beached whale—without China ever firing a shot. One of the ways sited was through cyber security.

In the, “2023 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy” report , issued from the U.S. Department of Defense, they recognize that presently, the number one threat to America is China. According to the report, “The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) seeks advantages in cyberspace in order to facilitate its emergence as a superpower with commensurate (equal measures in) political, military, and economic influence.” The report further expounds, that the PRC's efforts abroad are complemented by material strengths at home. They have a large technology industry and workforce, they are capable of counterintelligence and own their own cyber security systems. In addition, they have an array of proxy organizations empowered to pursue malicious cyber activity on their intended targets. The brief also mentions China's current involvement in cyber intrusion and surveillance not only on the government of the United States, but also their efforts against U.S. Citizens. The report warns that in the event of conflict with the U.S., the PRC will likely launch destructive cyber attacks against the U.S.—which would hinder military mobilization, sow chaos, and divert attention and resources. This would enable the PRC to, without a shot, contain their target—the United States.

(A side note, the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy report also listed Russia as the number 2 threat. This is mainly due to the way the Russians are conducting the war with Ukraine. They are using cyber attempts to disrupt Ukrainian military logistics, sabotage civilian infrastructure, and erode political will. The brief assumes that in a moment of crisis, the Russians would launch similar cyber attacks against the United States and their allies.

It may also be of interest, that at the beginning of August 2023, in a combined and joint effort, eleven Russian and Chinese ships held military exercises neared the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. Not unusual for this day and age, as they are allied by the BRICS multilateral alliance, plus they did stay within International waters; however, their decision to preform these drill near Alaska made some to speculate that this was a provocative move. Especially in view of the tensions between the U.S. and Russia (referring to the war with Ukraine), and tensions between the U.S and China (referencing squabbles over Taiwan). Whatever the reason for the combined military exercises, the fact remains there are increased threats not heard of since the cold war era.

To further concern Americans, in a hearing of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, a May 2023 document reported that Russia is reportedly supplying China with enriched Uranium. One of the statements made in the documents is, “China and Russia have placed nuclear weapons, space warfare and long-range strike at the center of their strategies to counter the United States and its allies and partners”. According to the assistant secretary of defense for space policy, John F. Plumb, “China also has an ever-growing inventory of sophisticated long-range strike systems putting U.S. forces at risk at greater and greater distances”. All of these facts spell danger for all Americans.)

Regarding cyber security, according to, the threat of hacking into U.S. military systems is not a “what if”—it has already happened. In an article dated 2023 July 31, U.S. officials concede that there has been Chinese malware detected on multiple military systems. This malware is reported to have the intent to disrupt the U.S. military by giving China the ability to cut power, water and communications to U.S. military bases whenever and where ever the opportunity presents itself to be in the best interest of the PRC.

For 2023, the U.S. government is planning a budget of $10.89 billion U.S. dollars to help fight cyber thieves/cyber sowers. The Biden Administration has issued plans, which include, government agencies working together in a more concise way. They also want to create lucrative incentives for the private sector to finance projects.

As days run into months, and months run into years, the world around us seems to be rushing forward toward nuclear war. It does not matter if you believe in a God or you don't—most agree, merely based on world events, that nuclear war could happen within our life time—it is just most do not want to face it. What does this have to do with Bible Prophecy? As cited many times on this blog, according to the book of Daniel, chapter 18, the prophet speaks of a land shadowing with wings who is cut down; left for the fowls of the mountains, and beast of the earth. The fowls will summer upon them, (or feed on them in the summer-CJB), and the wild beast will winter upon them-ref Dan 18:1-6. Most Bible Prophecy scholars believe that, the land shadowing with wings, is the United States. If indeed, the land shadowing with wings is the U.S., that city (a term Ronald Reagan once used to describe the U.S.) will not remain on a hill. Some Bible Prophecy students believe Russia will be the instigator of nuclear action toward the U.S. by invading Israel. Once the U.S. retaliates back, this will leave China, and other Asian nations, to eventually form what Revelation 16:12 calls, Kings of the East.

What is your relationship with God? Is God your Light? Your Teacher? Your Guide, your Comforter? Is the only thing you desire, in this world; or, is it in the heavenly world to come? Do you live as pilgrims on the earth looking for a city built by God? Do you allow the Ten Commandments to be a guiding light as to how you live your life? Can you list the 10 commandments? Do you read the Bible and allow yourself to conform to it? Remember, Jesus said, If you love Me, keep My commandments-ref Jn 14:15, 15:10. If you would like to learn more about developing your faith in Jesus Christ, check out this link.