Christians Wake Up!                                9/4/20

A snapshot of Russia's Young Pioneers in 1937, wearing gas mask and holding different military weapons.

Most may not remember the air raid drills of the 1950 and 60′s that brought terror to school children as they would dive, as fast as they could, under their school desk. This drill, in America, was called duck and cover. There were also bomb and fallout shelter drills. All designed to teach children how to protect themselves in the event of nuclear attack. (Not sure who thought up duck and cover as it is a worthless act against a nuclear missile, unless you are instructing the children to fall on their face and beg God′s mercy.)

Russia, on the other hand, had long prepared their children due to the continued aggression toward them from Europe, even prior to WW2. The above photo was intended to show their preparedness in 1937. This group of Young Pioneers, as they were called, was the organization the Russian government put in place once they outlawed the Scouting program, which became so widely popular around the world. Russian youths were not only instructed on how to use gas mask, fire and assemble rifles (plus other artillery), they actually fought in battle; besides their instruction on how to be a good communist‐work hard and obey orders. For Russian school children, the 1950 and 60′s were just as dangerous and unstable as during WW2. Fact be, the world over was afraid regarding the possible nuclear fallout between Russia and the United States.

Today, if you use the word nuclear, most would assume you are speaking of a cleaner, greener and less expensive energy option than the ones we have been using for decades. Therefore, it has probably been of little interest, to most, that the forty year long Intermediate Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty has been cast aside. This treaty eliminated an entire class of destabilizing weapons, and was valued to the world as aiding the end of the cold war. The treaty called for the destruction of U.S. and Soviet ground‐launched ballistic and cruise missiles with a range capability between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. It also included the destruction of their associated launchers, support structures, and equipment, within three years after the treaty entered into force in 1988. (See our blog of 4/8/19, Explanation of NATO, for more on the INF Treaty.)  

But, treaties do not always last. In 2014, the U.S. released evidence that the Russians violated their obligations under the INF Treaty. The U.S. and NATO allies all agree, Russia has indeed developed a class of missiles, the SSC‐8 missile system, and tested them, in defiance of the treaty. From 2014 to 2018 the Russians denied the existence of the missile. Only after the U.S. announced the missile system′s Russian designator did Russia admit that the missile existed, but they insist the missile is incapable of ranges beyond 500 kilometers. They also accuse the U.S. of pulling out of the treaty to start a new arms race. Last year, The Moscow Times quoted NATO Secretary‐General Jens Stoltenberg as not believing Russia. He said, “There are no new U.S. missiles, no new NATO missiles in Europe, but there are more and more new Russian missiles”. In that same article, they cite the President of Russia, President Vladimir Putin as saying, “Russia does not want an arms race”. President Putin has promised he will not deploy Russian missiles unless the United States does so first. However, should Washington take such a step, Putin says he would be forced to deploy Russian hypersonic nuclear missiles on ships or submarines near U.S. territorial waters.

So, how does any of this relate to Bible Prophecy? Regarding Russia, if you are familiar with our 2/12/20 blog entitled, What Is Really Important To Look For Regarding Bible Prophecy?, you would know Bible Prophecy students are examining (among other things) Russia. Does she exist as the Bible says she would? Is she on diplomatic terms with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, and other nations? Would she benefit from taking a spoil from Israel? To date, all the answers are yes—just as the Bible predicted.

To show how really close we may be to the Rapture, last September, Russia held its Tsentr‐2019 exercises—only, Russia was not the only country involved. According to the International Center for Defense and Security “ICDS‐a leading think tank in Estonia, which specializes in foreign policy, security and defense issues), Russia has pulled together “the most multicultural strategic military exercise ever carried out by the Russian Federation.” They report that Russia assembled together troops from China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. ( (Check out this approx 8 min video for the Russian prospective, or this link for the English prospective.) However, the fact that Russia gathered these nations together was not what interested most strategist, it was the fact that many of these nations were not on good terms with one another. For example, China with India, India with Pakistan, Tajikistan with Uzbekistan. By bringing these countries under the same umbrella, it is thought Russia is trying to play the role of planner and mediator in greater Eurasia, thereby increasing its geopolitical weight, prestige and influence.

In December 2019, Russia again was involved with (according to major news sources) impressive naval exercises with China and Iran in the Gulf of Oman. As this was not exactly a show of force or naval armada (both China and Russia only sent one warship each for the four‐day exercises), it was largely symbolic. Perhaps demonstrating in the minds of Russia and China that they have successfully established themselves as great world powers with a stake in an unfolding conflict. Iran, on the other hand, has managed to display to the World that they still have powerful friends. However, the most important message they maybe sending, is that they have unified due to a common enemy—the United States.

And regarding Russia′s Young Pioneers, the group has lost significant support since the fall of the Berlin Wall, although in many parts of the world they still exist. However, in Russia a new generation of military patriots has arisen. They are called Yunarmia, or Youth Army and they are backed by the Russian Defense Ministry. They have the mind set that America is the enemy and they need to be ready to defend mother Russia. Here is a short video in this news article from the Moscow Times.

So why do Christians need to wake up? Because now is the time. Not every prophecy may be in place; however, events are happening very quickly, like birth pains of a woman. Now is the time to renew your commitment with Jesus. True Christians, of the Philadelphia Church era, believed the Word of God was the fountain of wisdom—therefore, it was of utmost importance to read the Scriptures every day. Not just as a devotional, but read it as it should be read, a guide book for your life. Many American statesmen, like President John Quincy Adams, read through the Bible once every year. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln said, “{The Bible} is the best gift God has given to men. All the good the Savior gave to the world was communicated through this book. But for it, we could not know right from wrong.”

Now is the time to fear the Lord and depart from evil‐ref. Pr 3:7 Now is the time to fear God and keep His commandments‐ref Ecc 12:13. Now is the time to walk after the Lord, fear Him, keep His commandments, obey His voice, and serve Him, and hold fast unto Him‐ref Deut 13:4. Do you know the Ten Commandments? If you do not know them; if you have not studied them, how can you obey them? And, if you have never asked the Lord to forgive all of your sins—now is the time.

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Photo Design: A snapshot of Russia's Young Pioneers in 1937. (Photo: Viktor Bulla/Public Domain).